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What is WarmUp Pad?

WarmUp Pad is my first online course for drummers. Through the videos you can study the hands technique on the pad, following topics and daily routines specifically created to improve your fluidity of execution. It’s not only a set of exercises, but also a way to learn how to read the music with different difficulty levels and BPM. It’s time to make your hands fly!

What you learn


Control development and a more effective technique that will allow you to perform figures and rudiments with awareness at any speed.


Timing precision and awareness of the notes played. Follow our warmups and perform them with different speed and BPM.


Visual memory acquisition through the reading of PDF files and musical notation. Increase your precision while encoding the rhythmic figures on the pentagram.

Daniele Piu

Born in 1989, during all these years i’ve collaborated with different music realities, such as David Short, Nanni Moretti, Nicola Piovani, Etnias, NEJA, Pilar Arejo and many more.

Latest progress

  • July 2019: judge at the Italian drumming competition “Charleston” with important Italian drummers.
  • Dicember 2019: “LIFT”, my first single is out! Written between me and Kaz Rodriguez.
  • January 2020: attending The Namm Show in Los Angeles.



I got to meet and talk with Daniele Piu from Alghero, Sardegna at the 2020 NAMM Show Anaheim, California last January. I did not know about Daniele before 2018 and since we met in California, I have been watching his videos on Facebook, showing that he is a very serious musician / drummer who understands the music business very well.

Daniele’s sponsors believe in him, as he is the kind of drummer who works closely with them in a very close relationship. Daniele’s music is right on, combining educational with performance-oriented videos. He has the groove and know-how to become an important player in the world today. I encourage everyone to check out his work.

Ralph Angelillo

Serietà e professionalità! Parole che racchiudono il potenziale di Daniele. Essere giovani ed avere idee ben chiare non è facile nell’ambito giovanile batteristico. Avrà sicuramente un grande futuro. Tutto quello che si fa con passione ripaga sempre!

Bravo Daniele!

Giorgio Di Tullio

Daniele é un professionista serio che si impegna oltretutto a creare un fermento musicale di qualità in maniera appassionata e concreta nel suo ambiente. Batterista in costante crescita, riesce a spaziare fra i vari aspetti del drumming potendo esprimersi sia live che in studio con grande qualità.

Svolgo mensilmente un corso long distance per diversi batteristi professionisti sardi presso il Sound Room Studio di cui Daniele é socio e anche in questa circostanza la sua capacità gestionale e professionale a livello di supporto didattico é impagabile. Insomma, un professionista a 360 gradi di cui sentiremo sempre di più parlare.

Gabriele Morcavallo



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